Kinze Launches New Planter Series to Provide Simplified Maintenance

02:12PM Jan 22, 2020
Kinze True Speed 4905 planter
( Kinze )

Planting season downtime steals yield and productivity, and maintenance can be costly—what would a machine with reduced wear parts and simple maintenance mean for your operation? With that in mind, Kinze Manufacturing has made three product announcements: introduction of the 05 Series planters, a new 4705 24-row 30” planter, and a narrow transport Mach Till.

With the new series, planters with enhanced wear and maintenance will be marked with the model number ending in “05.” The new capabilities will begin in 2021 models and include the following features:

  • Row unit double parallel arm bushing with impregnated lubrication and double row bearing disc openers

  • High-efficiency vacuum fans that run quieter with less hydraulic demand, using 1.5” diameter vacuum hoses

  • Redesigned bulk-fill seed delivery system that works across a variety of crops at higher planting rates

  • 4905 and 4705 models feature variable displacement piston PTO pump

  • Simplified hydraulics on 4905 planter

  • Firestone IVF radial tires

“Downtime is costly. Repairs are costly. Maintenance is costly. We regularly receive suggestions from our customers and dealers about how we can improve our products in these areas,” Susanne Veatch, president of Kinze Manufacturing said in a news release. “We listen and have spent a significant amount of time engineering ways to reduce downtime and repairs and increase performance.”

In addition, Kinze is introducing a new 24R30 configuration for the 4705 planter. It includes tires in front of the toolbar in a front-fold configuration with a 600-gallon liquid fertilizer capacity. It uses Blue Drive electric drive and True Rate meters starting in model year 21.

Kinze will also introduce three new Mach Till configurations, model numbers 302, 362 and 412 with the number 2 representing the second generation of Kinze Mach Till. The new configurations feature a narrow transport design. The 30’, 36’ and 41’ three-section frame fold to 13’2” in the 30’ and 36’ size and 16’ in the 41’ unit.

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