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Know When Nitrogen is Too Low

12:30PM Aug 05, 2011


Nitrogen management was a popular topic for discussion at the Corn College Fundamentals event. Independent agronomist Bill Bauer headed to the field with attendees to show them how to identify nitrogen deficiencies as they appear in the plant.
As explained in the video bellow, Bill Bauer shows how cutting the stalk will unveil is the plant ran out of nitrogen and the warning signs for downed corn have already showed up.

In the field, here is the process they used:
Firing: count the number of green leaves from ear leaf and below.
Rank the color for pale yellow to green.
Identify the growth stage and maturity.
Evaluate the stalk quality and the number of clean internodes starting at first visible internode at base.
Use soil nitrate data, supplied by the Corn Colllege crew.
Use plant tissue nitrogen data, supplied by the Corn College crew.
Review in-season photos of how the treatment appeared at a given time.