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Kozak: Senate Deserves Dairy Farmers’ Sincere Thanks on Cloture Vote

11:06AM Jun 06, 2013
US Capitol WDC 7 11

National Milk Producers Federation praises Senate decision to end farm bill debate.

From Jerry Kozak, President and CEO, NMPF:

"The Senate deserves the sincere thanks of dairy farmers nationwide for its overwhelming majority vote today to end debate on the 2013 Farm Bill. The decision to invoke cloture clears the way for approval of a much-needed reform of the federal dairy program when the Senate votes on final passage of the Farm Bill expected early next week.

"Dairy farmers have been waiting two years for Congress to approve the new dairy program. Thanks to today’s vote, they can look forward to the end of price supports and other Depression-era programs and the launch of a new plan that will insure them against losses when profit margins shrink to dangerous levels. This fight is not over, but a brighter future is in sight."