Lallemand Animal Nutrition Announces New Sil-All4x4 Formulation

04:00PM Apr 15, 2014
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Since the purchase of the Sil-All® range of forage inoculants in 2011, Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s team of forage experts have developed a new product formulation in the United States to best meet the needs of today’s producers.

"The rollout of this new product formulation began in 2013 and is now finalized," says Bob Charley, Ph.D., Forage Products Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition. "With the advances in our understanding of the microbiology of ensiling, the new formulation aims to further improve the control of the ensiling fermentation."

In the United States, Sil-All has undergone continuous product evolution to improve efficacy as more has been discovered about forage microbiology – from the original Sil-All, to Sil-All3x3, then Sil-All4x4 and now a new Sil-All4x4 formulation.

"While Sil-All has always been shown to enhance the fermentation of all forage types, the new formulation includes Pediococcus pentosaceus plus proprietary production and stabilization technologies, that will work together to further improve fermentation efficiency," Dr. Charley says.

A faster, more efficient fermentation means a greater preservation of nutrients in your forages and therefore greater production potential.

"The addition of Sil-All has expanded the Lallemand Animal Nutrition range of proven inoculants to further establish Lallemand Animal Nutrition as the silage expert and a global leader in the forage inoculant market, Dr. Charley says. "The new Sil-All4x4 is a step forward in the product’s evolution, delivering an efficient fermentation to maximize nutrient preservation."

Source: Lallemand Animal Nutrition