Land Sale of the Week: $13,900/a average in Woodford Co., Illinois

04:33PM Aug 14, 2014
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Mike Walsten

Here is a strong farmland auction out of Woodford Co., Ill., northeast of Peoria that is not well known for exceptionally strong farmland prices. This auction involved 314 total acres, so it wasn't a single 80-acre piece that a couple of aggressive neighbors wanted. There were 5 tracts in all offered. The tracts varied in size from 34.5 acres to 81 acres. All were nearly all tillable and featured highly productive soils for the area. The farm was located generally east of Metamora, which is east of Peoria. Final selling prices ranged from $13,000 to $15,500 an acre.

Here are the tracts and the selling prices:

Tract 1: 34.5 acres -- $10,000 per acre.

Tract 2: 41 acres -- $15,000 per acre.

Tract 3: 77 acres -- $14,300 per acre.

Tract 4: 81 acres -- $15,500 per acre.

Tract 5: 81 acres -- $13,000 per acre.

Total of the tracts does not equal 314 acres due to rounding.

Handling the auction was Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, Hamilton, Ill., 217-847-2160.



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