Largest John Deere Tractor to Hit the Marketplace

10:30AM Aug 21, 2014
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Built with high-power, the 9R/9RT four-wheel-drive track tractors are hitting the marketplace as John Deere's most efficient and productive machines. With up to 620 horsepower, the 9R/9RT four-wheel-drive track tractors stand out as high-power, durable, versatile machines able to cover many acres across varying field conditions. The series features six tracked models: 9370R, 9420R, 9470R/9470RT, 9520R/9520RT, 9570R/9570RT, 9620R. The machines are equipped with a PSS 9.0L and 13.5L engines, along with the 15L Cummins QSX15 engine, all Tier 4 Final-compliant.

"This is the largest expansion of our top-line four-wheel-drive and track tractor series in company history," says Jerry Griffith, division marketing manager, John Deere Waterloo Works.

The high-power 9R/9RT lineup includes three key options to provide increased efficiency and productivity in the field.

  • e18 PowerShift transmission with Efficiency Manager
  • HydraCushion Suspension System
  • Active Command Steering

Using the e18 PowerShift transmission with Efficiency Manager, the 9R/9RT series focuses on controlling fuel costs. The Powershift transmission provides smooth power shift designed to increase machine fluid efficiency and operator productivity.

"To reduce diesel fuel consumption and boost profitability, our solution in the four-wheel-drive market is the Powershift transmission," says Joseph Speas, senior marketing representative.

Smooth and Efficient.

Not only will a ride in the cab merit the HydraCushion Suspension system but a potential boost in yield can be seen by engaging the system. The system is located on the front axle, and helps mitigate power hop. This allows for less tire pressure and soil compaction. All 9520R tractors have this feature installed. The 9570R and 9620R have the capability to install the system as an option to the customer.

"By mitigating power hop, we provide a more comfortable ride, increase the productivity of the machine and decrease compaction," says Kevin Juhl, senior marketing representative. "It could lead to more yield and money in the pocket at the end of the year."

HydraCushion Suspension runs on three modes: auto, max and manual. The auto mode should be engaged at all times when the tractor is in motion. The max mode is considered "off," and the manual mode is used to manually raise and lower on the screen.

The video below shows the 9520R with HydraCushion Suspension System pulling a John Deere Articulated Dump Truck weighing 170,000 lbs., three times the size of the tractor. When the light comes on, the suspension system is engaged. It takes typically two to three seconds for the accumulators and hydraulic cylinders to take action and level the power hop.

In-Cab Convenience

The redesigned CommandARM inside the CommandView III Cab, provides every need within an arm’s length. The extended 40 degree swivel seat, allows for more efficient movement within the cab and quick control of tractor settings and functions.

"The new seat improves visibility to the rear of the tractor," Speas says. "A rear mounted camera is also installed to allow operators to conveniently back up and secure implements while watching live feed on the 10-inch Command Center display."

The lineup is also equipped with the optional Active Command Steering. The new steering feature gives a smooth feel to the operator, good line hold while transporting at high speeds (up to 26 mph) and easy lock-to-lock turning in the field.

To learn more about John Deere’s vision of the 9R/9RT series, hear from Griffiths in the video below. Manufacturing of the 9R/9RT series will begin in November. To learn more about the series, visit

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