Local Team Customizes Crop Protection, Stretches Input Dollars

October 2, 2017 11:47 AM




The Grandview Farm team started harvesting corn on Labor Day weekend this year, and it’s already shaping up to be a recordbreaking season.

“Every field we’ve harvested so far has had a record yield,” says Ernie Potthast, the farm manager of this large-scale farm near Marine, Illinois. Potthast attributes the results to a comprehensive approach to farming that allows Grandview Farm to meet yield goals, including this year’s bin-busting numbers.

“We use pattern-tile drainage to ensure the best moisture levels for our seedbeds, and we use the best crop protection products to make sure every acre in our operation produces to its capacity,” says Potthast. “It’s part of a package deal. We think we are getting excellent results consistently. There’s also the simplicity of working with just one company to make all our crop input decisions.”

Every August for eight years running, Potthast has met with his seed adviser, Kyle Brase, a DuPont Pioneer seed sales representative, to plan genetic selections. His local agronomy consulting team includes Wesley Shupe, a DuPont Crop Protection technical sales agronomist, and Regan Wear, agronomy sales manager with CHS Shipman at Shipman, Illinois.

Together, they determine crop protection products to meet the needs of each field, considering Potthast’s crop rotation program, soil types, weed populations and disease pressures to develop a plan that meets his yield goals while controlling costs.

Brase calls it “planning for success.”

Boosting Bushels

Knowing how to get more from chosen genetics can make a big difference in a year when low prices call for extra bushels to maximize return on investment. “When you’ve got corn that’s doing 170 or 200 bushels per acre, the right fungicide application can push yields to 190 or 220 bushels per acre,” says Brase.

The DuPont TruChoice® Early Pay Multiplier program rewards growers by multiplying every dollar when they commit funds to purchase DuPont Crop Protection products. It’s an instant benefit available on cash or credit purchases.

“There is no waiting for a year, or even a month, to get a rebate,” says Shupe. “This is money on money. It’s a true value. Growers like Early Pay Multiplier because they know where they stand from the get-go.”

The TruChoice® program doesn’t lock customers into specific products, so they can make crop protection choices with their DuPont retailers in response to the year’s unique challenges.

“Come growing season, you may have new fields to manage or unforeseen challenges,” says Brase. “You can treat your TruChoice® funds like money in the bank and use them to change the mix of crop protection products as needed.”

“We go with one crop protection company that can get us everything we want, a whole spectrum of products and technologies,” says Potthast. “It fits the way we like to farm.”

Find more information at earlypay.​dupont.com.

*See TruChoice® Early Pay Multiplier programs for terms and conditions.

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