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Machinery Journal: A Historical 25 Product Rollout

07:31AM Sep 30, 2014

This year, New Holland celebrates three historical achievements—the 50th anniversary of Speedrower self-propelled windrowers, the 40th anniversary of Twin Rotor combines and the 40th anniversary of Roll-Belt round balers. 

“The continuing popularity of these products are a testament to New Holland’s dedication to provide productivity-enhancing innovations on behalf of our customers,” says Mark Hooper, North American marketing director. 

In total, New Holland is rolling out 25 new products for 2015, from DuraVee trailing wheel rakes to BigBaler 230 large square balers. Here are the highlights:

Tires and tracks. With wheels in front and tracks in back, the Tier 4 Final T8 SmartTrax series includes the T8.380, T8.410 and T8.435, with 311 hp, 340 hp and 379 hp, respectfully. Unique design differences, such as high torque axles that match larger diameter front wheels with rear tracks, help distinguish the SmartTrax series. This enables full power to be delivered between front wheels and rear tracks for optimum performance. A T8 SmartTrax’s larger contact patch enhances traction and reduces compaction. The 18" SmartTrax system is 35% larger than a set of 480/95R50 rear dual tires. By offering a choice of under carriage, T8 SmartTrax tractors can be customized in several working widths, with track spacing ranging from 76" to 152".

Harvest heavyweights. New Holland’s Speedrower self-propelled windrowers raise the bar with the latest Tier 4B engine offering and cab upgrades. More cooling capacity results in increased horsepower and fuel efficiency. The QuickMax knife-change system saves time on maintenance. 

The all-new Roll-Belt variable chamber round balers will increase bale capacity by 20%. The ActiveSweep, SuperFeed and CropCutter pickups have been redesigned. The standard-duty four-tine bar pickup on the ActiveSweep balers is 23% larger in diameter and has a 10% larger center hex shaft.

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