Machinery Journal: Cutting-Edge March

02:51AM Aug 27, 2014
Differentiation is a key component of Great Plains’ marketplace philosophy. Using in-field trials, the company provides farmers with data on true vertical tillage versus conventional tillage and how new corn genetics allow for narrow rows and yield increases. 

Building on their in-field knowledge, this year Great Plains rolls out new and updated products—led by the Ultra-Chisel, 7000 Series Disk Harrow and Short Disk.
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The Ultra-Chisel is a tough, low-maintenance tillage machine. It features a floating hitch design that allows for consistent working depth in rough conditions. The hitch pivots independently of the frame, keeping all wheels grounded and enabling the transport tires to carry the weight. In addition, 900-lb. trip force shanks offer soil-fracturing potential to a working depth of 8". 

"We spent a lot of time on the details to make the Ultra-Chisel durable, so when an operator takes it to field, his time is spent running it, not working on it," says Michael Ohnsat, Ultra-Chisel engineer. "We used maintenance-free pivot bushings with new seals in the wheel hubs and oversized, heavy-ply tires."

With soil and residue management a crucial component, the Ultra-Chisel breaks the soil above 8" to remove density layers but leaves the residue mixed at the surface to reduce the effects of wind erosion and boost water infiltration. It is available in widths from 21' to 33'.

After years of field tests, the 7000 Series Disk Harrow offers several updates, including the lift hydraulic system, axle design and leveling system. The tool comes in widths of 23' to 36' with 7.5" or 9" row spacing.
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"From top to bottom, it sets a new standard in disk harrows," says Tom Evans, vice president of sales and marketing.

One convenience of the Disk Harrow is the maintenance-free pivot points and bearings. With PEER bearings, 360° rotation prevents the bearings from overload, and a six-lip seal on each side locks in grease and prevents contamination. In addition, walking beam pivots use Teflon-coated bushings, bypassing the need for tapered bearings and grease in pivot points. 

"During the course of the season, there’s no daily maintenance on this machine. The only grease on the machine is on the wheel hubs, which requires yearly maintenance," says Rodney Hake, Great Plains tillage engineering manager.

As European-style tillage comes to the U.S., Great Plains rolls out the Short Disk, offering high speed, consistency and maneuverability in heavy residue conditions. Available in 26' and 30' options, the Short Disk features 24" disks to cut ground 7" deep and maximize trash flow.
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Parallel gangs enhance maneuverability of the Short Disk, enabling it to follow uneven ground in a variety of field conditions. "Our disk throws out to both sides in the front and throws in from both sides in the back, preventing ‘dog tracking’ when it hits heavy soil conditions, yet achieving excellent cutout and a smooth, consistent surface throughout the field," explains Hank Kummer, Great Plains tillage engineer. 

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