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Machinery Pete’s Resale Tips: Transmissions, Tires and Sheds

05:00AM Feb 19, 2014

Bragging isn’t generally the best way to win friends. But when it comes to selling used farm equipment, Greg Peterson (aka Machinery Pete) says you shouldn’t hesitate to share key details that will wow prospective buyers.

Be sure to tell people about transmissions, tires with high-quality rubber, equipment that has been protected in a shed and equipment for which you are the original and sole owner.

"If you were selling, pull that forward in any listing you would do," Peterson explains. "Put that transmission right up front in your description. Tires are a huge factor. Rubber is just so expensive these days that if, say, your tractor’s got 85% to 90% rubber and it’s seven to eight years old, you’ve got to just shout that right from the mountaintop."

Click the play button below to hear Machinery Pete’s tips on those factors and more from the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show: 

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