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Management Zones Keep Soil Fertility In Check

05:00AM Sep 23, 2013

To maximize the performance of your farmland, create management zones by mapping out fields according to soil type. Then perform a series of tests to evaluate and adjust factors for fertility, Farm Journal associate field agronomist Missy Bauer in Episode 12 of Corn College TV Season 3.

"The reason we pull these soil tests out in the field is to really get an indication of what’s happening in the field as far as our levels," Bauer says. "Where’s our pH at, where’s our phosphorus, where’s our potassium levels at, so we know to make better decisions and to make sure fertility is not going to be a limiting factor."

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Consider tissue sampling, nitrate testing, yield maps and aerial images when building a complete picture of your fields into management zones, Bauer says.

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