Manager’s Corner: Ethanol In The Spotlight

02:10PM Jul 28, 2019
This summer has been big for ethanol, with several key announcements.
( AgWeb )

This summer has been big for ethanol, with several key announcements. In late May, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler signed an administrative rule allowing year-round sales of 15% ethanol fuels. 

In early July, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its renewable volume obligations (RVOs) under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) for the coming year. While ethanol industry leaders were glad to see the volumes released, the actual levels are under extreme scrutiny. 

“Fifteen billion gallons for conventional is sort of status quo,” Renewable Fuels Association senior strategic advisor Bob Dinneen told “AgriTalk” host Chip Flory. “A month ago, the administration took a chapter test, and they passed with flying colors and in fact, I’d give them an A+ for getting the E15 decision right. But they utterly failed in getting RVOs out that are going to drive the marketplace.”  —Anna-Lisa Laca
Bob Dinneen says the EPA is undermining the RFS. Listen to him share his thoughts at

Book Review: Lessons of Age, Loss and Reflection (with a Side of Joy)  

For those of us who dabble in the arcane business of humor writing, Dave Barry is a Pulitzer-winning giant. His ability to make readers laugh out loud makes me think his writing inspired “LOL.” 

His latest work, however, is a mix of familiar absurdity with light undercurrents of melancholy. In “Lessons from Lucy,” Barry’s canine companion of many years, Lucy, becomes an avatar for Barry’s own confrontation with age (70), loss and reflection. While readers will still LOL, they will also stumble into sentences of bittersweet irony and fond regret. Those of us who have read him for years will enjoy this typically hard-to-put-down collection of wry observations about lessons for a good life, despite the feeling we’ve heard them before. 

Barry’s gift has always been to package the mundane in baggy pants and a red nose, and wring joy from the last corners of our crying towels. Barry’s introspective dive into finding more happiness in every moment of life can hardly be classified as Uplifting Metaphysical Hilarity, but that would be a good name for a band. (This is the signature gag in Barry’s work. Anyone who has read him will understand the reference.)  —John Phipps

Wanted: Inspiring and Outstanding Farmers

The 2020 Top Producer Summit, which takes place Jan. 28–30 in Chicago, is a combination of three business education and networking conferences: Top Producer Seminar, Tomorrow’s Top Producer and Executive Women in Agriculture (EWA). During the Summit, Top Producer will recognize remarkable farmers who built thriving businesses. The awards, which have an application deadline of Sept. 5, include:

  • Top Producer of the Year
  • Tomorrow’s Top Producer Horizon Award
  • EWA Trailblazer Award

Learn more and download the applications at