March Crop Comments

April 13, 2016 04:50 PM
March Crop Comments

Use this link to send us your comments (or e-mail about the crops in your local area. Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity. (Please keep your comments crop-related.)

Here's what folks are saying:

  • 3/31/2016 Mcleod County, MN: I saw a clip on fox news that Saudi Arabia bought thousands of acres in the desert area between Arizona & California to raise alfalfa. Their using irrigation to raise the crop & ship it back to Saudi Arabia for their cattle. Supposedly it's so dry over there irrigation doesn't work. Who sold them the land? How much did they pay/acre? Where are the environmentalist who would not let the farmers have water because of a little fish that might get caught in a pump but the Saudi's can irrigate thousands of acres? Who gave them the permits to do the drilling and put up the irrigators?

  • 3/31/2016 Stoddard County, MO: United States must have bought another country and added it to the acreage report. More of everything LOL!!

  • 3/31/2016 Ross County, OH: Have to love USDA and their bs reports. Why any true farmer would respond to their survey is beyond me. How many reports are good for the farmer? $3.25 corn vs. $9 beans and we are all planting more corn, give me a break. Good luck this year, maybe we'll raise 400 bushel corn so it will be $1 next year.
  • 3/29/2016 Buffalo County, NE: Outside of the major blizzard on Groundhog's Day, this has been a mild winter. We received a lot of rain last fall and there is good moisture below the surface. However, since that blizzard, we have turned off very dry with plenty of wind. There is blowing dust when the wind is high. I took some cattle up into the Sandhills last week, and was shocked at how dry they appeared. Many of the pot holes along highway 2 were dry-unusual for this time of year. March will go down as a much drier than month for most of NE. Despite the drop in cattle prices, pasture rents have stayed high-$400-$450 per pair for 5 months. Due to those high rental rates, I will be taking some ground out of crop production and planting summer annuals for cattle feed. Of note on the farm side, the local ethanol plant that closed at harvest remains closed. There are rumors that they have received some financing. However, that one has been passed around before. Time will tell. There are still large ground piles everywhere here. Losing that market for 75-90,000 bushels a day has made for poor basis around here.

  • 3/29/2016 Montgomery County, MO: planting around here since Good Friday! Ground temp barely 50*. Suppose last years flooded prevent planting has guys resolved to "get-r-in" asap?

  • 3/29/2016 Lincoln County, SD: Calving season is in full swing. Snowfall varied but Received 4-6 inches of snow in this area. A lot has already melted.

  • 3/28/2016 Madison County, IL: Very dry for this early in the year. Wheat looks good, ground conditions are great.f74

  • 3/28/2016 Sargent County, ND: Very dry conditions here. A little wheat has been planted but with prices at very low levels most will not plant wheat. Very cold here this morning, 12 degrees F. Ground is froze up again. We will be farming areas that haven’t been cropped since 1988. Lots of auction sales and new land is coming up for rent each day as we get closer to the April 1st rent deadline.

  • 3/28/2016 Madison County, NE: It will be a while before farmers will be planting after yesterday's blizzard. This is a picture of lawn mowers outside the TSC store. The clerk said mower business was slow right now.

  • 3/28/2016 Tipton County, TN: Preparing ground for planting. We should start planting corn in 7-10 days.
  • 3/18/2016 Ford County, KS: wheat is jointed anywhere from 1 to 2 inchs now , i have to laugh at the latest market commentary why money is coming out of wheat , 21 degrees to night for over 6 hours with no cover, 21 tomorrow night ,just reading on here i see were wheat is 2 to 4 weeks ahead of normal all the way to MT , i have been farming over 35 years and have never seen wheat so early , yes its going to be damaged . (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 3/18/2016 Washington County, CO: Wheat in this area looks like an average to below average crop at this point. Real uneven looking stands as some came up last fall and the rest during the winter or early spring and some not at all. Not anywhere near the crop we've had the last couple of years. Will need moisture soon as it came out of dormancy 2-3 weeks early and temps are well above average with wind nearly everyday. A lot of nitrogen being applied where corn will be planted this spring. Not much wheat topdressing happening with prices at these levels. Back to the days of farming for nothing only this time there is no government support to help. Hard to have much optimism about our future. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 3/14/2016 Redwood County, MN: Finishing up the 2015 corn crop, which was left as a food plot. The area was a 9 acre DNR food plot. Plenty of deer, not so many pheasants. Corn yielded about 200 bu/acre @17%. The area will be soybeans this year.

  • 3/14/2016 Carroll County, IL: My daughter, me, Nana and grand kids finally divided the pasture for the horses by putting the long awaited West to East fence across the creek and fixed the flood gate from under the road. Although the kids had a great time in the creek, in the 6 foot square culvert under the road, climbing trees etc. A short Mulberry tree can be trimmed up to make a real solid post. Even I am enjoying riding the horses. No fancy cabs. Just the sound of laughter, leather, my daughter and an occasional nose clearing of the horse. Nothing new about front end assist here. Back to the tractors also this spring.

  • 3/14/2016 Chouteau County, MT: Winter wheat in our area about 3 to 4 weeks ahead of normal with temps forecast in the teens later in the week. Looks a lot like last year when many farmers in our area hayed their wheat due to severe frost damage in May. Might actually break even this way. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 3/10/2016 Cheyenne County, NE: Wheat is ahead of normal. We are setting up for more freeze damage than we had last year. The moisture situation is adequate. We'll see what develops. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 3/7/2016 Mcleod County, MN: It's that time of year again where all the marketing firms want farmers to tell them how many acres were going to plant & to what. What's the point? The only "planting intention" that's going to matter is on March 31 by the USDA. Even then it's nothing but a guess. They're going to say whatever they want no matter what their so called survey says. This report benefits no one except Chicago. They love these reports because it gets the funds & traders in & out of their positions.
  • 3/6/2016 Caldwell County, MO: Lots of NH3 going on, we disced are prevent plant again got all our fertilizer on this week. We are pretty dry, we didnt get much snow this year.

  • 3/3/2016 Halifax County, NC: I have talked to many grain farmers here with the low grain prices there is very little chance of making a profit this year. There are also lots of farmers selling out so they won't lose again like last year. With grain prices dropping and a bad year on yields the lenders are in a panic. Looks to be a lot of unplanted ground here.

  • 3/3/2016 Lincoln County, WV: West Virginia isn't really well known for its agriculture industry but it's actually quite large considering the hilly terrain. We produce quite a bit of quality horse hay on our 50 acre farm in Lincoln County and sell out every year.

  • 3/3/2016 Lincoln County, WV: We took advantage of the mild winter and got a jump on plowing another 4 acres of ground for orchard grass and Timothy hay on February 27th.

  • 3/3/2016 Saint Croix County, WI: It is pretty easy math %5 is 25ac. on a 500ac. farm, 250ac on a 5000ac farm and I am talking corn acres. %5 of 90 million is 4.5 million ac x trendline yld of 168 = 756 million less corn bu. carry out go's to 1.1-1.2 million and that is if it is a big crop!!! WE would make more by far on the 95% we planted then the 5% that went away from corn. It is so easy if we would All do it! Our operation is doing more then what I am preaching! Just my 2 cents....

  • 3/3/2016 Delaware County, IN: east central in. I give up Let the big boys have it they want it all so they can sit in coffee shop and brag how many acres they got. Oh buy the way did I mention they inherited it or ther wife has a 100,000 dollar a year job with benefits they don't make it farming on break even prices!

  • 3/2/2016 Morgan County, OH: Rolling out corn stalk bales in preparation for calving season.

  • 3/2/2016 Ontario County, NY: Cut corn production 5 - 15%. USDA will still project largest crop on record to manipulate prices. No different than price controls back in the 80's only now it's supposed to be a freer market. If enough farmers cut back then maybe the market will respond USDA won't.

  • 3/1/2016 Saint Croix County, WI: The farmers of America have to cut there production or we have doomed ourselves. If everyone cuts corn acres by 5% that is 4.5 million ac. 85.5 million ac. instead of 90 million ac. What business produce's more when there is a glut????

  • 3/1/2016 Ford County, KS: Wheat in this area is about 2 to 3 weeks ahead of normal to say the least , the next week of temps looks hot , i give it about a 65% chance of freeze damage ,apparently the world is full of grain anyway according to the usda reports ,not to mention any names . I read something on here about a year ago ( buy dec corn plant nothing ) would't that get some paper boys fired up. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
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