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Market Outlook: Five Top Stories Trending On Power Hour

08:24AM Jan 07, 2015

1. Need Corn Marketing Clues? Watch Oats: If you grow corn, you might want to watch oats and Minneapolis wheat to better appreciate the direction of crop prices, analysts say.

2. Crop Shipments Stall Out, Raising Concerns: As of late fall 2014, U.S. corn export totals consistently fell beneath market expectations, leading analysts to fear downward price potential for the winter of 2014/15. Be aware that historically early closings of the Mississippi River could have implications for the months ahead.

3. Signs Stress Might Be Hurting Your Farm: As the leader of your farm team, it’s especially important to take breaks and find ways to reduce pinch points to support your family and employees.

4. How Russia’s U.S. Milk Ban Affects Markets: Although Russia’s ban on milk imports does not affect U.S. dairy producers directly, it means U.S. farms face added competition throughout the world. After all, European farms must place products.

5. Four Market Indicators To Watch: It can be insightful to follow daily corn and soybean price charts, but a handful of other monitors and gauges can provide insight to the grain and livestock markets. Analysts share the tools they consult when gathering data.

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