Maximize Your Fertilizer’s Efficiency

10:54AM Nov 16, 2011

The following information is a Web Extra from the pages of Top Producer. It corresponds with the article "High Fertilizer Prices to Persist." You can find the article in the Top Producer Mid-November issue.


Ken Ferrie answers the question if 28% or anhydrous ammonia is a better nitrogen source for sidedress.
Our agronomist tells how much phosphorus is needed in blend for starter fertilizer.
Missy Bauer describes the consequences of loose gauge wheels.
Ken Ferrie answers this farmer’s question in episode 2 of Corn College TV.
Ken Ferrie answers a farmer's question about nitrogen running off in his farm tile.
Ammonia price variability is being caused by demand factors, not by natural gas prices as has been the case in many years.
Now, as soil temperatures cool down, is the time to plan your nitrogen management for 2012.

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What Do You Think About Sidedressing With Urea?
Question: What is your opinion about sidedressing with urea? Also, when is the best time or at what height of the corn is best?
How Do I Place Starter Fertilizer Equipment on the Planter?
Question: I’m interested in adding starter fertilizer equipment to my clients’ planters but unsure what type of placement is best. Is it better to use a coulter mounted application, in-furrow application, or a trail behind application? I’m concerned about bringing up moist soil in my clients’ no-till fields that could disturb the planting depth. I’m also concerned that the application method could change down pressure requirements in highly variable no-till soil conditions, leading to inconsistent planting depth. Do you have a review that answers my questions?
What N Source Is Best For Sidedress Applications?
Question: What N Source Is Best For Sidedress Applications?

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2011-12 Grain Profits
One way to think about improving opportunities for next year is to look at the profits per acre from 2011. Just as we calculate fertility removal based on yield per/ac., consider profit removal based on income per/ac. Keep reading.