Mexico Making Grain Backup Plan If NAFTA Fails

March 12, 2018 09:54 AM

Mexico is catching a break from the metal tariffs President Trump signed last week, but NAFTA renegotiations are still far from being a done deal.

The country continues to look for other sources of grain if renegotiations fall through.

Reporter Michelle Rook talked to several agricultural companies that are concerned about the future of NAFTA on AgDay above.

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Kearney, NE
3/12/2018 07:07 PM

  Hopefully we are also looking to replace whatever we import from Mexico as well. Two can play that game, and we import way more from Mexico than they import from us. Way past time for FAIR trade, not the folly of free trade.

Augusta, ME
3/13/2018 06:08 AM

  While I understand Crag's sentiments, that is what causes trade wars and NO ONE wins that kind of war. We are no longer in a position to dictate the terms we once could. In fact, because we, or should I say trump and his followers, have chosen protectionism and isolation in a global economy we will eventually lose the war.