Mexico Moves Forward on Key USMCA Provision

08:24PM May 01, 2019
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Mexico's legislature is moving ahead with a key provision of the new U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement.

It has approved new labor reform legislation called for under the deal. Meanwhile, the Trump administration continues to work with Congress to get the plan approved here.

"The next step on the USMCA agreement to replace NAFTA is for the White House to present to the House Ways and Means and the Senate Finance Committee a rough draft, or statement of administrative action," says Representative Ron Estes of Kansas. "So we'll take that, we'll have thirty days to look through their rough draft, make some recommendations on the particular wording and then send that back to the White House where they'll incorporate that and craft the final wording document for the bill." 

Estes says ideally Congress would like to be wrapped up with USMCA before August.

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