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Michigan Dairy Farm First to Add LWR Water Reclamation to Anaerobic Digisters

18:10PM Oct 15, 2014

Scenic-View-Dairy-24( LWR )

Source: LWR

One of the first dairies in the state of Michigan to install  anaerobic digesters will be the first dairy in the US to add the LWR manure treatment system to their digesters, optimizing their overall manure management plan. 

“We are excited about the system at Scenic View Dairy” says LWR President, Ross Thurston. “We have systems operating throughout the US but this is the first that will combine with dairy digesters.” He adds “Anaerobic digesters are effective at extracting value from manure in the form of power. By adding the LWR System, Scenic View is taking manure management to the next level by recapturing and reusing every part of this organic waste. It really is the ultimate solution in manure management”.

Scenic View Dairy, located near Fennville, produces 40 million pounds of milk each year and operates a tightly run infrastructure of hard working farmers and nearly 2,000 actively milking animals. Scenic View is much more than a dairy farm. They are a progressive, proactive business actively employing best management practices and processes in herd management, waste recycling, land ecology, and technology. They believe that there is a new way of “doing dairy” and that by implementing technology, they are able to deliver high quality, fresh tasting, and wholesome milk quickly and economically.

The anaerobic digesters at Scenic View Dairy convert manure into fertilizer for crops, generate electricity for their dairy operation and excess electric for the local power grid, and reduce the odor of waste processing. By adding the LWR System, Scenic View will completely optimize their manure management plan by capturing all of the power, recovering all of the valuable fertilizer nutrients, and recycling clean, potable water from their manure. 

About LWR. LWR is a North American water treatment company focused on providing dairy, hog, and anaerobic digester operations with sustainable and cost effective manure treatment technology. With systems installed and operating throughout Canada and the US, the innovative technology has been awarded patents in Canada and New Zealand and is patent pending in six other countries around the world. The LWR System can significantly assist drought affected areas as it can recycle up to 75% clean, potable water from manure. The System also concentrates phosphorus, ammonia, potash, and nitrogen, allowing every part of the manure to be reused as a valuable output.