Mike Hoffman: Record-Setting Cold, But Frigid Front Won't Last Long

10:11AM Nov 11, 2019
USFR 1109 Weather
The U.S. is off to a cold and snowy start to kick off the week. However, Mike Hoffman says the good news is the record-setting cold weather won't stick around long.
( Mike Hoffman )

The weather is bring a frigid start to the week. From ice to snow, much of the Midwest is bracing for the coldest weather yet this year. U.S. Farm Report meteorologist Mike Hoffman says the cold air is coming from he jet stream that shows circulation, which indicates really cold air is plunging south.

He says that cold air will dip down through the southeast to start the week, but towards the end of the week, milder air will be on the way. 

“This is a very cold pattern for this time of the year, which typically that doesn’t last real long, and I think that will be the case here,” said Hoffman.

He says the cold air will stick around through Wednesday for much of the country, but then give way to warmer air. However, November overall could prove to be colder than normal. 

“My 30-day outlook, I’m going below normal temperatures for east of the continental divide,” he said. 

Hoffman is forecasting above normal temperatures for the month for much of the west, as well as Florida. 

As for precipitation, he thinks it could be good news for Texas this month, as portions of the South and Southwest could see above normal precipitation over the next 30 days. 

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