Minnesota Becomes Largest Funder of Farm Safety

June 9, 2016 09:17 AM

After an investigative series on farm safety by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the state of Minnesota will pour $250,000 per year into farm safety, much of which will be spent on tractor roll-over bars.

In the past decade, 210 Minnesota farmers and farmworkers have died in farm accidents. The majority of those have come from rollovers on older tractor models not equipped with cabs or rollover protection. The state program, along with another $27,500 raised privately, will offer a $500 per tractor cap on the farmer’s portion to purchase rollover bars.

There’s an estimated 80,000 tractors in Minnesota that need such protection, so the $277,500 will only be a drop in the proverbial bucket. But state officials say it is a start, and there’s hope more money can be budgeted next year.

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Don Ranck
Paradise, PA
6/10/2016 06:48 AM

  Great plan to offer ROPS, need to also have easy-to-use seat belt, with retractors and long support for connection, or the ROPS will be ineffective.