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Minnesota Corn, Soybeans Struggle the Most

20:47PM Oct 16, 2017

While Minnesota was the 'garden spot' all summer long as far as crop condition for corn and soybeans, it is now the leader in harvest delays. Monday's Crop Progress shows 30 point delays in both corn and soybean harvest in Minnesota.  Corn harvest is 7% completed, 31 points behind the five year average, while 45% of the state's soybeans are harvested. That's 37 points behind the average pace.

The USDA report shows overall corn harvest reached 28% as of Monday. That's 19 points behind the average. Iowa joins Minnesota with big delays. Just 13% of corn is harvested in Iowa, 28 points behind.

Soybean harvest is also slow with almost half (49%) harvested, eleven points behind. In addition to Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska are seeing big delays on soybeans. Iowa soybean harvest is 32% complete, and Nebraska 33% complete - both 34 points behind.

Winter wheat planting is also behind the average pace. USDA's report shows 60% is seeded, eleven points behind. Kansas farmers have 42% of winter wheat in the ground. That's 33 points behind the five year average.

Wes Mills and Anna-Lisa Laca contributed to this story.

10/17/17 Crop Progress