Minnesota to Double Biodiesel Standards

August 4, 2017 09:38 AM

Minnesota is doubling the biodiesel standard to 20%, set to go into effect next May, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The move is expected to increase soybean prices in the state 63¢/bu, roughly 6%. In 2019, the B20 mix will be available from April through September. The wintertime blend remains at 5%.

Going to the B20 blend, even for just the summer months, is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by a million tons next year and particulate emissions by 130 tons.

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Canton, ME
8/7/2017 08:04 AM

  Sounds nice however I wonder what the the CO2 and PM reduction numbers are as a percentage of total diesel emissions. I realize every little bit helps but it would be nice to know how it stacks up. My personal feeling is it's a fraction of the total amount and was not mentioned so as to maintain a positive spin to it.