Missourians Approve Amendment #1, "Right to Farm"

10:26AM Aug 06, 2014
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6 AUGUST 2014-JEFFERSON CITY -- Yesterday Missouri voters approved Amendment #1, the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment with over 50% of voters casting a 'yes' ballot. With Amendment #1 now enshrined in the state constitution, all Missouri farmers and ranchers now enjoy constitutional protections to their livelihoods.

"This was a difficult campaign but we made our case to voters and we appreciate the support that Missourians have shown for family farmers and ranchers across the state," Missouri Farmers Care Chairman Don Nikodim said. "While it is unfortunate that the 'no' campaign chose to confuse voters with false attacks on Amendment #1, voters ultimately saw that Amendment #1 was supported by farmers and ranchers across the state. With Amendment #1 approved, we look forward to continue communicating the importance of agriculture to all Missourians.

Missouri Farmers Care will now prepare for the automatic recount, triggered by the margin of victory being less than 1%. We are confident that the will of the people has been shown and believe that a recount will only reaffirm the victory that farmers and ranchers have won."