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Monsanto Holds Weed Scientist Meeting Discussing Dicamba

16:55PM Oct 06, 2017

Last week, Monsanto invited 60 weed scientists to discuss issues with new dicamba herbicide formulations, and more than half showed up at the meeting.

According to Ty Witten, Monsanto’s crop protection lead, the company wants collaboration and understanding from both sides in order for to find solutions in the middle

At one point during the meeting, a presenter said volatility does occur, but it’s not the primary culprit for the “off-target movement.”

This meeting is in response to several farmers filing lawsuits against Monsanto and BASF in regard to dicamba and dicamba drift.

Arkansas and Missouri have had the most problems with dicamba drift. Indiana is the latest state to take steps to restrict dicamba use.

10/6/17 Dicamba Meeting Held by Monsanto