More Concentrated AjiPro-L Rumen Protected Lysine Introduced

04:14PM Oct 08, 2014
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Offers highly bioavailable lysine; scientifically proven.

Ajinomoto Heartland, Inc. recently introduced a more concentrated form of AjiPro-L.  This improved form delivers 25 percent more metabolizable lysine than the first generation product.  Ajinomoto Heartland, Inc. leads the industry in rumen-protected lysine research. Its parent company Ajinomoto has some 100 years of experience with amino acids.

The new AjiPro-L raises the industry standard for supplemental rumen-protected lysine. It offers 80 percent rumen bypass and digestibility of more than 60 percent in the small intestine. Two plasma lysine studies, one at the University of New Hampshire and another at the W.H. Miner Institute, revealed that the new AjiPro-L was 30% to 40% more bioavailable than the first generation product.

On the farm, use of the new AjiPro-L to balance amino acids is expected to result in increased milk and milk components production, improved feed efficiency and optimized income over feed costs. This makes it the preferred source of L-lysine for high-producing dairy cows by key leading dairy nutritionists. 

The scientific breakthrough behind the new AjiPro-L makes balancing amino acid levels easier and even more cost -effective. The use of AjiPro-L as a metabolizable lysine source in the amino acid balancing program enables cows to better meet their nutrient needs, which is associated with optimal milk production, less crude protein intake, and a decrease in nitrogen excretion.  AjiPro-L is manufactured in the United States at the ISO 9001-certified facility in Eddyville, IA, under very strict quality control systems.

This breakthrough builds on the 30 -year role of Ajinomoto as the pacesetter in rumen protected lysine technology and as a company that stresses the use of sound science in product development.

Ajinomoto Heartland, Inc. is one of five companies affiliated with the Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Group, a global leader in feed-grade amino acid manufacturing. Representing Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Group in North America, Ajinomoto Heartland, Inc. manufactures and distributes cost-effective feed-grade amino acids and is the frontrunner in amino acid nutritional research and technical expertise.

Source: Ajinomoto Heartland, Inc.