More than $12,100 per Tillable Acre in Central Illinois

04:21PM Jan 04, 2017
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A fall auction in Sangamon Co., Ill., saw 160 gross acres sell for $1,918,824 total. The farm was located a few miles northwest of Auburn. The offering consisted of 158 tillable acres with a soil PI of 138 per Bulletin 811. The maximum per Bullentin 811 is 147. The farm was offered in three tracts and sold as a single unit. It included a two-acre trace with an older farmhome and machine shed. The selling price reflects an average of about $11,993.65 per gross acre and about $12,144 per tillable acre.

The auction was held Oct. 27 and closed Dec. 15. Handling the auctionwas Thomas, Peters, AFM, Farmers National Company, Chatham, Ill., 217-697-5398.