More Trade Talks With China This Week

19:03PM Apr 08, 2019

Trade talks between the U.S. and China are expected to continue this week via teleconferences. Last week, President Trump announced, "we are rounding the turn" with China.  It followed three days of talks with China's Vice Premier in Washington.

China's official news agency said the talks "achieved new progress".  It also said remaining issues will be handled through "various effective means".  The news agency said the talks dealt with issues including technology transfer, intellectual property rights protection, non-tariff measures, agriculture, and enforcement.

Both President Trump and Chinese leaders said major progress on the final text for an agreement has been made. The President said we'll know more over the next four weeks whether a deal can be reached.  Why so long?  AgDay's Washington insiders say the U.S. negotiators have told industry officials that even after reaching a preliminary deal, they will need an additional two weeks beyond that to review the fine print.

President Trump says some of the toughest things in the deal have been agreed to, but he confirmed enforcement provisions of any possible deal remain a sticking point with China.

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