MyAgSource: The Future of Dairy Herd Management Information

05:35PM Oct 14, 2014
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AgSource Cooperative Services is proud to introduce MyAgSource. Designed with dairy herd managers and consultants in mind, MyAgSource is a web-based delivery system that allows users to not only view existing DHI reports, but also interact with and sort information based on unique herd management needs.

“MyAgSource is the information delivery vehicle of the future,” states Robert Fourdraine, Vice President of AgSource’s DHI Operations. “Members now have the option to receive all herd and cow reports, including colorful summaries and graphs, online via this versatile, customizable management and analysis tool. You no longer need to wait for the mail to arrive and you no longer need to file monthly paper reports.”

MyAgSource users receive an e-mail notification with a brief summary of test-day data as soon as herd records are available online. In addition to current test-day information, MyAgSource provides access to laboratory results, including Johne’s and milk pregnancy test results, as well as archived herd and individual cow information and management reports.

“Perhaps the greatest benefit MyAgSource offers is the ability to benchmark herd and cow performance,” says Fourdraine. “Users can define who they wish to compare themselves to by selecting the breed, performance level, herd size and specific management areas they wish to evaluate.  It’s a powerful way to measure progress and get a sense of where opportunity for improvement lies. All herd records and information can be stored and retrieved using MyAgSource.”

While paper DHI reports have and will continue to serve the industry well, this new delivery method offers faster and more flexible use of data. Producers enrolled in MyAgSource may access their data from anywhere at any time and may give permission to herd consultants to access the same information on the herd’s secure, password protected site without further charge.

MyAgSource was officially launched at World Dairy Expo 2014. Attendees had the opportunity to experiment with and interact with its features. Test drive this powerful, web-based tool today with a free, 90-day trial subscription. To see a demonstration or enroll your herd, visit Questions may also be directed to Erin Berger, AgSource Outreach and Training, at 920-419-5820.

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