National Dairy Shrine Announces 2013 Award Winners

02:03PM May 28, 2013
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Awards honor past, present and future dairy industry leaders.

Source: National Dairy Shrine

National Dairy Shrine (NDS) has announced the winners of its Guest of Honor, Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder, Pioneer, Graduate Dairy Production and Progressive Dairy Producer awards for this year. These awards were designed to honor past, present and future dairy industry leaders who have contributed to strengthening and energizing the dairy industry.

Guest of Honor
Dr. Robert Cropp has been named the Guest of Honor, the highest award from the National Dairy Shrine. This award goes to an individual who has had a dramatic impact on the dairy industry and its future. Cropp, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has had a preeminent role in creating industry knowledge on the economic impact of various changes in milk pricing and how the marketing and storage of dairy products has on those pricing mechanisms. His tireless monitoring of dairy supplies and reporting dairy marketing facts to the industry is exemplary. He was one of the true pioneers in the area of milk marketing and dairy economic analysis. Dr. Cropp has been a featured speaker and contributor to numerous dairy organizations. He has served as a vital resource to numerous state and federal agencies focused on dairy policy.

Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder
Berneta Gable from New Enterprise, Pa., is the NDS Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder. Gable’s Guernsey herd carries the Snider Homestead prefix and is known worldwide for producing quality and sought-after cattle. Gable has served on several national and regional Guernsey boards and committees. She has served on the American Guernsey Association board of directors and was president of Purebred Publishing. Her ability to breed top-show animals as well as breed leading sires is legendary. Gable has also been active in her local church.

National Dairy Shrine Pioneers
William Bickert, Clarence Olson, Maurice Keene, Robert Heilman and R. Peter Heffering were selected as National Dairy Shrine Pioneers. This year’s honorees – selected through an anonymous selection committee -- are an exemplary display of what this award is about.
• Bickert, of Dewitt, Mich., a well-respected industry educator at Michigan State University, helped develop many of the innovative dairy housing, stalling and ventilation practices that are now common on every dairy operation in the U.S.
• Olson, of Madison, Wis., served as an extension educator. He was instrumental in developing the DHIA program in Wisconsin and making numerous improvements in DHIA technology and policy. His schools for farm women started an industry trend to include women as working decision makers on every dairy farm.
• Keene, of Auburn, Maine, is a well-respected Holstein breeder who developed the Raymau herd to national recognition. Keene served as president of the Holstein Association USA when it developed many new genetic and classification programs in the early 1980s. His leadership is exemplary and he has passed that on to his children. Two of his daughters have been National Dairy Shrine Presidents, and his son was named a National Distinguished Holstein Young Breeder in 1997.
• Heilman, of Richmond, Virginia, was one of the true pioneers in the genetic and embryo export business. The formation of American Marketing Services (AMS) led to a nearly 40-year career in the exporting of U.S. genetics internationally. He opened many doors for U.S. genetics all over Europe. Heilman has most recently been involved in raising funds for several dairy industry foundations.
• Heffering, of Port Perry Ontario, Canada, is one of the giants of the Holstein industry. His Hanover Hill program has international recognition, and the genetics he developed have literally influenced every major dairy country in the world. Heffering was also well known for his accomplishments in the show ring and was honored as a Klussendorf award winner in 1985.

NDS Progressive Dairy Producers
The NDS Progressive Dairy Producers selected for this year are Bill and Kelle Calvert in the small herd division and Dana Metzger in the large herd division. This award is a $2,000 travel stipend to attend an out-of-state conference or seminar to learn new techniques to improve their dairy business.
• The Calverts have an excellent herd of Holsteins in Cuba City, Wis. This young couple is very involved in the dairy community. Both have had leadership positions in state and county breed associations. In addition, they have been very active in dairy youth activities, receiving the Wisconsin Holstein Friend of Youth Honor in 2004.
• Metzger operates Multi-Rose Jerseys in Rock Rapids, Iowa, with his wife Kary and family. They manage a dairy that milks 1,500 cows. Metzger has been very active in the Northwest Iowa DHIA, the Farm Bureau, Western Iowa Dairy Alliance and the American Jersey Cattle Association. The Metzger family takes great pride in its superior family dairy operation.

Graduate Dairy Production
Ryan Clark, of Tyrone, Pa., has been selected as the Graduate Dairy Production award winner. This award goes to an active dairyman who has graduated from college in the last nine years and has already demonstrated excellent dairy management ability and financial stability. Clark began his dairy operation with a few cows and a dream. While balancing a full time job with Cargill, Clark built his herd utilizing rented facilities and various loans. In 2009, he resigned his job to become a full-time dairyman. He operates a 160-Jersey cow operation with plans to move to 240 cows at the current rented facilities. Clark will receive a $2,500 award sponsored by Elanco to be used toward the purchase of cattle to improve his herd.

The annual National Dairy Shrine awards banquet will be held on Sept. 11 during the 50th Anniversary All American Dairy Show in Harrisburg, Pa. For more information about the banquet or about students, producers and industry representatives being recognized by National Dairy Shrine, please contact Dr. David Selner, Executive Director, at [email protected] Information on the National Dairy Shrine mission or membership is also available online at Dairy enthusiasts are encouraged to become a part of the most important organization honoring our dairy heritage, inspiring future leaders and promoting the dairy industry.