Natural Grocers Dropping Noosa Under Dairy Rules

05:26PM Dec 19, 2014
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Natural Grocers plans to stop selling yogurt from another Colorado-based company, Noosa, as it switches to pastured-based dairy products.

In the spring, Natural Grocers announced that it would phase out milk and other dairy products from cows that don't spend at least 120 days a year grazing outdoors on grass.

Natural Grocers executive vice president Heather Isely told the Fort Collins Coloradoan she is sad to see Noosa go, along with brands including Chobani and Brown Cow. However, she says "getting animals back on the land" is important for environmental and health reasons.

Noosa co-founder Koel Thomae says its dairies, including Morning Fresh Dairy, treat its cows humanely. Brandon Lock of Morning Fresh says cows can't thrive on pasture grass in arid places like Colorado.