Nebraska Yield Estimates Shine Despite Early-Season Challenges

10:09AM Aug 20, 2019
Corn yields in Hamilton County, Neb. are impressing scouts.
( Pro Farmer Crop Tour scouts )

As the sun rises and heat soars into the upper 90s today, Pro Farmer Crop Tour scouts endure, finding better-than-expected yields in Nebraska. While it’s not the bin-bursting numbers they’ve seen in the past, yield and pod count estimates are proving better than neighboring states.

According to yesterday’s USDA Crop Progress report, 64% of Nebraska’s corn crop is rated good-to-excellent and 72% of the soybean crop is good-to-excellent.

Near Grand Island, Neb., scout and Iowa farmer Brent Judisch says the corn and soybean crops are excellent. There’s no sign of hail, wind or any other Mother-Nature induced damages.

“We’ve pulled three [corn] samples, all irrigated,” Judish told AgDay reporter Betsy Jibben. “The first sample was great, 230 bu. per acre, the second was about 200 bu. per acre with a few barren stalks and the last was white corn, which is specialty, so it’s usually a little lower.”

He says he takes this particular west route every year, and Tuesday morning’s Grand Island route is often the best crop in Nebraska. Soybeans are in excellent shape, too, and irrigation means farmers will be able to help it to the finish line.

In York Co., NE now. Yield samples have the potential of 209 BPA. Ears need to fill for test weight says scouts. Didn’t get a picture of beans. The pod count in 3 x 3 area is 1400. Large number again. #pftour19

— Betsy Jibben (@BetsyJibben) August 20, 2019

Hamilton Co., NE. Irrigated beans are averaging pods of 1567 pods by 3 x 3 area. Wow! #pftour19

— Betsy Jibben (@BetsyJibben) August 20, 2019

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