Nestle Mexico Announces 6-Year Investment to Increase Milk Output

04:06PM Sep 19, 2014
( Nestle )

The $53 million investment by one of the world’s largest dairy companies is part of its ongoing efforts to build close links with dairy farmers around the world.

Source: Nestlé

Nestlé Mexico has announced plans to invest 700 million pesos (about $53 million) over the next six years to increase milk production in the country.

The planned investment is part of Nestlé’s ongoing efforts to build close links with dairy farmers around the world in order to better understand the practical problems that affect their businesses and, ultimately, Nestlé’s over the long term.

Under the commitments announced, Nestlé Mexico will invest 400 million pesos (about $30 million) to finance production and infrastructure.

Another 300 million pesos (about $22.7 million) will be invested in providing technical assistance in the milk and whey supply chains in Mexico. Whey is a lactose and protein by-product from the cheese-making process.

Mexico is one of around 30 countries globally where Nestlé buys milk directly from producers. Nestlé Mexico is the country's third biggest milk buyer. The company has been buying milk directly from dairy farmers in Mexico since 1935.

Nestlé works with over 400,000 dairy farmers around the world as part of its Farmer Connect direct sourcing programme.

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