New Online Tool Helps Make Precision Decisions, Keeps Data Private

10:28AM Nov 02, 2017
Purdue Agricultural Data Engine
( Purdue University )

Thanks to an innovative online tool developed by a Purdue University engineering professor, farmers can now process data collected from their fields without requiring them to share it with third-party companies. The Purdue Agricultural Data Engine (PADE) does not require users to log in or identify themselves or their farms. Users upload data to create bar charts, scatter plots and maps to visualize the data. One function allows a user to draw shapes on a farm image that represent areas with special varieties or nutrient treatments to reveal area-related information such as yields. A user can also can obtain soil data from the Soil Data Access portal of USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service and historical weather information from the National Weather Service to learn how soil variability, temperature and precipitation affect their soils or crops. Farmers also can create management zones based on variability expressed in the yield. Once users have created maps or manipulated data, they can download all of it to their computers. PADE, which is free to use, is available at