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New Ag Apps Available for iPad and iPhone Users

14:01PM Nov 12, 2011

There are three new apps that farmers might want to try out this winter before planting season gets underway next spring. The PrecisionEarth V1.0.1 app lets you load field information and then grid it, based on acres. In the field, you can use the app to identify areas to collect samples and log the information for easy and accurate record keeping. It is compatible with iPad and iPhone and is available in the Apple App Store for download and in-app purchase. Learn more at

The Landview app is designed to help you get practical, useful information from aerial imaging and record the activities that take place in your fields.

Farmers who use GeoVantage for imagery can use this app to instantly access their images. With innovative cloud technology, the app allows you to see exactly what’s taking place on your property from the time a task is started to the time it’s completed, so nothing is overlooked. Compatible with iPad and iPhone, Landview lets you create tasks and track the completion of those tasks from all of the devices that are hooked up to the system. The imagery and real-time updates give you a big-picture perspective of site-specific data. More information about the app is available at

The GISRoam iPad app can be used for data collection; yield and harvest mapping; and equipment location and inventory. Farmers can also use it to provide displays of topographic maps, high-resolution color aerial photographs, soil maps and climate data. Learn more at