New Bovi-Bond Soft Adhesive is Ideal for Thin-Soled Cows

13:56PM Aug 28, 2014

Foot injuries and lameness can cause a cow to become immobile or develop other health issues, minimizing its production of milk. Today Vettec, Inc. introduces Bovi-Bond Soft, a new addition to the Bovi-Bond line of quality blocking products. The new patent-pending adhesive provides the same strong bond as original Bovi-Bond, but cures softer to reduce sole bruising and increase bovine comfort. Bovi-Bond Soft is two times softer than the original Bovi-Bond adhesive and offers a great alternative for thin-soled cows.

Bovi-Bond Soft is a proprietary two-part polyurethane adhesive used to bond wood or rubber blocks to bovine hoofs in order to allow abbesses, infections, to heal. The innovative, fast-setting Bovi-Bond Soft is odorless, can be stored in warm or cold conditions and has a one-year shelf life. Visit to see videos on how to use the product.

"We debuted Bovi-Bond Soft at the 2014 Hoof Health Conference in July in Milwaukee, Wisc. Hoof Trimmers were thoroughly impressed with the quality of the product and with Vettec’s ongoing commitment to developing solutions for large animal comfort," said Frank Dugan, Sales Manager, Vettec, Inc.

Bovi-Bond Soft has the same fast, 30-second set time as original Bovi-Bond and it cures clear. It comes in an 180cc cartridge; dispensing gun and mix tips are sold separately. Bovi-Bond Soft is available for purchase at dairy suppliers.

Source: Vettec, Inc.