New Dairy Ration Balancer Has More Accurate Information and Features at a Lower Price

10:38AM Apr 20, 2011
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MIFFLINBURG, Pa. -- We can’t reinvent the dairy cow, but we can find better ways to get her to make milk more profitably. That’s why Dr. Robert Patton used his 40 years of experience with feeding cows to design NittanyCow Dairy Ration Evaluator ( to be more accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable than other ration balancing software programs.
NittanyCow has exclusive features to fine-tune dairy rations in ways not previously included in ration evaluators, such as:
  • volatile fatty acid analysis, including processing factors, to show the impact of a ration on rumen health, digestibility and energy production;
  • mycotoxin analysis to show the effect of mycotoxin contamination on milk production and animal health and to help minimize its negative impact;
  • environmental impact analysis to help with fertilization and waste disposal planning to meet government guidelines;
  • customization of reports to include all desired information; and
  • an option to create unique fields to track any nutrient significant to the user.
Patton compiled an extensive database of peer-reviewed research data validated by observations on working dairy farms to develop the formulas used in NittanyCow. Improved starch digestibility calculations result in better energy and milk production predictions.
"Of all the programs I’ve worked with, NittanyCow is the most scientifically accurate," says Patton, who also is a co-author of Michigan State University’s Spartan I and Evonik-Degussa Corporation’s AminoCow ration evaluators.
Companies can have the nutrient analysis of their feed products entered into the NittanyCow database at no cost. With its networking and customization capabilities, NittanyCow is a valuable sales and technical support tool.
An intuitive design, tutorials and readily accessible, free customer support make it easy to learn and use NittanyCow. Frequent updates to enhance functions or to add new information are available in free downloads that are easy to install, allowing NittanyCow to be responsive to the demands of its users. Future development plans for include translation into foreign languages and use of the program as an educational tool in university dairy management courses.
Amy Duffield, a Wisconsin-based dairy farm consultant, says, "I really enjoy using NittanyCow because it combines easy operation with accurate, rapid and sophisticated ration results. The tabs on the ration worksheet allow immediate access to so many nutrient levels in addition to the running totals of the rations. Using the Options-Analysis feature provides further evaluation of a ration which highlights the ranges and predicted performance for cattle. I have found NittanyCow helps fine-tune rations so dairies can be more productive and profitable."
After a 30-day free trial, customers can buy a two-year license for NittanyCow for $375 and annual renewals for $125, much less than equivalent software currently on the market. For downloads and information, visit
For more information or assistance, contact Jake Patton, marketing and customer support representative for NittanyCow Software Services, by email at [email protected] or by phone at (800) 660-4611.