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New Hypro Sprayer Products Speed Shutoff, Protect Pump

05:00AM Feb 03, 2013

Sprayer components and products intended to create a clean shutoff, quickly mix chemicals and extend pump life were among those spotlighted by Hypro-Pentair Water at the 2013 Ag Connect Summit & Expo in Kansas City. The manufacturer also received two 2013 Silver AE50 awards for product innovation. 

One of those awards honored the company for its Express End Cap, which crisply stops spraying when an operator reaches the end of a field, says John Lang, global sales engineer. Nozzle bodies generally pull air into the boom, and that trapped air can result in a shutoff that lasts several seconds, dripping chemicals where they don’t belong in the process.

Farmers are retrofitting their sprayers with the Express End Cap because it tightens that shutoff process.

"Air is always chased to the end of the boom," Lang says.

Other new Hypro products include the 3376 Series Cleanload, which is operated with the company’s CycloRinse tank rinsing system to quickly incorporate dry agrochemicals into the sprayer’s tank solution mix. Studies have shown that sprayer operators spend 20% of their time mixing, Lang says. The technology gives farmers more in-field time—it educts 85 gallons per minute—and enhances safety because they don’t have to manually pour chemicals, he says.

The new 9307 Series Centrifugal Pump with ForceField Technology contains an isolated seal chamber that protects components from abrasive chemicals as the pump moves liquid from the sprayer tank out to the boom.

An app for mobile phones will be introduced by the company later this year to help operators identify nozzles for specified spraying applications, Lang says. As for the future of spraying overall, he says, expect angled spray nozzles to become a trend.

"You can drive into the canopy better, you can counteract the speed you’re driving at," Lang says.