New IDEXX RealPCR BVDV RNA Test standardizes Real-time PCR Testing

11:23AM Aug 06, 2014
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With an expanded portfolio that includes ELISA and PCR tests, IDEXX now offers BDVD testing solutions to fit every need.

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. announces today the launch of the IDEXX RealPCR™ BVDV RNA Test, expanding its bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) portfolio and providing standardization at every level of real-time PCR testing. All components of the IDEXX RealPCR™ Modular System can be ordered separately, totally eliminating the concept of traditional real-time PCR kits.

"With traditional PCR testing methods, it can be a real challenge to monitor and control contamination," says Christian Leutenegger, worldwide head of PCR, IDEXX. "The IDEXX RealPCR™ BVDV RNA Test has built-in quality controls and is supported by the IDEXX RealPCR™ Quality Control System, ensuring complete control at every level."

The IDEXX RealPCR BVDV RNA Test provides full strain coverage, detecting BVDV types 1 and 2, HoBi-like pestivirus (BVDV type 3) and border disease virus. The test is ideal for use in low-prevalence situations using pooled samples (ear notches, serum/plasma), or to confirm results of other screening tests. Manufactured under the trusted IDEXX Quality Management System, the IDEXX RealPCR BVDV RNA Test offers customers a true advance in real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing to help combat one of the world’s most costly bovine diseases.

"Each component of the system has been optimized and validated for use together as a complete testing system," explains Olivier te Boekhorst, vice president and general manager, IDEXX "This BVDV test is the first of the IDEXX RealPCR Modular System that streamlines and simplifies real-time PCR testing."

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Source: IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.