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New NEXGROW Brand Incorporates Syngenta & NK Alfalfa Offerings

14:33PM Jun 21, 2012

Source: Forage Genetics International and Syngenta

Forage Genetics International (FGI), one of the world’s leading alfalfa seed providers, and Syngenta announce the launch of NEXGROW™ alfalfa, a new brand equipped to bring growers the traits and technology they need – now and in the future. The brand will be managed by FGI and sold through existing Garst®, Golden Harvest® or NK® brand alfalfa resellers.

“Growers will see this new brand as a continuation of FGI’s 20-year collaboration with Syngenta in coordination with our leadership in diverse genetics and critical industry traits,” said Brent Johnson, NEXGROW™ alfalfa brand manager. “The only change for growers is the new brand name. They will have the same great service through their Garst, Golden Harvest or NK brand alfalfa reseller when purchasing alfalfa for fall planting.”

NEXGROW™ alfalfa brings producers the same top yield potential, high forage quality and exceptional persistence they have come to expect from Syngenta and NK® brand alfalfas – now unified under one name.

“NEXGROW™ alfalfa has all of growers’ favorite Syngenta and NK brand alfalfa varieties, plus seven new varieties,” said Grant Ozipko, Syngenta crop portfolio head. “Grower favorites like 6422Q, the top winner at World Dairy Expo’s 2011 World Forage Analysis Superbowl, will be available along with varieties that are glyphosate tolerant or highly resistant to potato leafhopper.”

The new alfalfa brand will also offer elite next generation glyphosate tolerant varieties, such as Revolt. Superior late fall dormant varieties with exceptional winter hardiness which dramatically increases yield potential will also be available.

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