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New Online Hub Launches to Help Navigate Transition Cow Management

15:23PM Jun 06, 2014

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition is focused more than ever on helping dairy producers successfully navigate the journey through the transition period, the most critical time in a dairy cow’s life.

Key to this commitment is a new online information hub,, which ARM & HAMMER™ has developed to assist dairy producers and their advisors in plotting a better course through transition and overcoming or preventing potential roadblocks.

Featuring links to new and existing resources, the new transition hub enables ARM & HAMMER and other transition partners to help producers better navigate the challenges of transition management. The site showcases a number of key areas, including:

  • The Transition Road Map helps users delve deeper into the transition journey, navigate challenges and find out what solutions are available to help you get the job done.
  • The Peak Report informs users of the latest industry news, research and management updates.
  • Nutritional Solutions provides the information and answers users need to consistently boost animal health and productivity.
  • Articles and Research highlights the very latest in farm trials, case studies and more.
  • Tools and Resources brings together the documents users need to get the job done—including checklists, MSDS, information sheets and nutrient profiles.

"The transition hub provides key resources to help partner dairy producers and their key consultants with the right advice and solutions to pinpoint—and solve—challenges that impact transition cow performance," explains Dr. Neil Michael, ARM & HAMMER Senior Business Manager.

Dairies spend a tremendous amount of time, attention and resources managing the transition period. The physiological changes and stresses surrounding calving can disrupt immune function and leave cows susceptible to a variety of disorders. In fact, researchers estimate that 30% to 50% of dairy cows are affected by some form of metabolic or infectious disease around the time of calving.1

"Transition is not a destination, it’s a journey that can take unexpected turns," notes Michael. "We and our transition partners are here to help you stay on the path to success."

The new hub will be a continuously updated source of the latest industry news, research-proven data, tips and tools to help smooth the transition trek. Use this resource of revamped online transition resources to easily access updated and archived information in areas of production, health, reproduction, ration management, cow comfort, protocols and compliance and more.

"Nutrition is very much an essential foundation of successful transition cow management, yet we also must manage the cow and her environment as she progresses through the transition period. That means addressing the many factors influencing cow performance before, during and after transition," says Michael.

"We have the products and resources to help drive herd success," he adds. "And, along with the resources available on this new transition hub and through our field and technical service teams, together, we are all working to help achieve your herd’s health, productivity and profitability goals."

Source: Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition