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New Series of Cable Drive Unit for Free Stall Barn Cleaning

10:20AM Apr 17, 2014

As a leader in the agricultural industry, GEA Farm Technologies constantly pushes the limits of excellence by developing highly efficient products and systems that stands out from the competition. Therefore, GEA Farm Technologies is proud to present its new series of cable drive unit for free stall barn cleaning, the SW Series.

The new SW Series Cable Drive Unit (patent pending) has been designed to make your life easier – it gives more freedom in installation location, delivers a high level of performance and it requires minimal maintenance. The unique design of the SW Series Cable Drive Unit allows lateral movement of the drive as the cable is being wrapped around the rotating drum. The coiling is made without excessive friction – which is usually the cause of premature wear of the equipment and cable.

The new SW Series Cable Drive Unit is perfectly suited for free stall dairies - small to large. Five different models are available: SW-300, SW-300 HD, SW-450, SW-450 HD and SW-650 HD – HD for double motor. The SW-650 HD has a stroke of 650 (198 m) feet.
The same design is also found for cable drive units operating Cross Gutter Scraper.
Lateral movement of the drive unit

During operation, the drive unit moves from side to side allowing the cable to coil in the right place around the drum. This movement allows the cable to remain well aligned. There is no side pressure as associated with the cable guides on traditional drive units, therefore minimizing cable wear and stress on the unit.

The movement is done by means of an angled rolling mechanism designed with extremely durable components. Since the lateral movement maintains the cable alignment without excessive pressure, the corner wheels can be installed very close to the drive unit without overlapping its footprint.

When GEA Farm Technologies was developing this new cable drive unit series, its objective was to come out with equipment that has easy to reach adjustment points, is easy to handle, and requires minimal maintenance.
• Tensioning of the timing chain is easily accomplished from outside the main frame and without having to remove the safety shield of the timing chain.
• The top safety shield is split in half and hinged on top. It is made of light and durable plastic – easy to handle.
• The drive shaft of the drum is mounted on high quality roller bearings for long lasting durability and smooth operation.
• Securing the cable is simple with the new external cable tie downs. Located outside of the drum, they are more accessible and the cable is easily secured using two bolts.
• Cleaning and basic maintenance underneath the drive unit is much easier. The bottom of the frame is very open with plenty of clearance.

The SW Series Cable Drive Unit is offered with the IVRpro Max@ccess control panel. This new generation of control panel provides you with improved load sensing technology exclusive to GEA Farm Technologies. The IVRpro Max@ccess control panel is equipped with high quality internal components and a stated detection sensor giving you greater resistance and more accuracy in sudden load fluctuation readings; less unnecessary down time, less on-farm services… less worries.

The Max@ccess option provides internet connection giving you access to your control panel through a computer, smart phone or digital tablet at any time. The internet connection allows you also to share control panel data through the web to ease technical assistance. The programming module has been reviewed and greatly improved in order to offer an ergonomic interface that is easy to navigate through.

To learn more about the new SW Series Cable Drive Unit, watch the video by using the following link to Youtube.

Source: GEA Farm Technologies