No Moral High Ground Between Parties on Healthcare

June 28, 2017 03:33 PM
Capitol flag

It seems the more the government tries to fix the health care system, the worse they make it. They seem unable or unwilling to truly address the problems in the system especially in rural America.

The Democrats keep defending the flawed affordable care act in place now that has driven insurance companies away leaving no competition, no plan choice and higher deductibles in many parts of the country.

The Republican answer could make things even worse for rural America.

There is no moral high ground for either party.

Passing a plan that makes bigger cuts in Medicaid and writes a check to states that will be locked in to already lower levels would be going from bad to worse. If the only thing Congress can offer rural America is less coverage, more costs and fewer hospitals, then we are in trouble.

Obamacare has failed to deliver the improvements its supporters promised. Republicans, despite years to come up with a better alternative, have yet to come up with a plan they can’t pass—even though they are the majority party.

Perhaps if the two parties actually worked together, took the best of both plans and shared the credit maybe we could get somewhere instead of both sides over promising and under delivering.

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