Northern States Beef Conference

10:24AM Nov 03, 2014
BT Rotator Winter Cattle Snow
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SDSU Extension will host the Northern States Beef Conference together with NDSU Extension and Minnesota State Extension Jan. 5-6, 2015 in Morton, Minn., at Jackpot Junction.

The conference will include workshops and speakers covering the following topics:

  • Capitalizing on high beef markets; How is the market shaping cattle phenotypes?
  • Breeding programs to supply the U.S. with beef 
  • Efficiency and high production: Can they coexist? 
  • Nutritional management of the beef female for improved reproduction
  • Post-birth interventions to reduce calf  losses
  • When does intensifying cow/calf production make sense? 
  • Forage and pasture management to reduce cost of production
  • Long-term impact of selection for efficiency in the cowherd on production: Successful and futuristic feedlot design and management
  • Programs and tools to retain efficiency in the feedlot
  • Feeding and managing for various target end-points
  • Question & Answer Panel on feedlot management

    Source: SDSU Extension