NWS 6-10 Day Forecast Continues to Gradually Improve

03:11PM Jul 27, 2012
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The area of normal temps and above-normal precip has expanded in each 6- to 10-day forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS) this week. The forecast for Aug. 2-6 calls for normal temps across the entire eastern Corn Belt, virtually all of Iowa, Minnesota, eastern South Dakota, the eastern two-thirds of North Dakota and eastern and north-central Missouri. The far western and southwestern Corn Belt is still expected to see above-normal temps during the period. The precip outlook calls for above-normal rainfall over the entire eastern Corn Belt along with eastern and north-central Iowa, all but far southwestern Minnesota and far eastern North Dakota. Normal temps are forecast for the rest of Iowa, southwestern Minnesota, Missouri and the key production areas in the Dakotas. The far western and southwestern Corn Belt is expected to see below-normal precip.

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 07 27 12 NWSTemp

07 27 12 NWSPrecip