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Ohio Fields Impress Eastern Crop Tour Consultant

21:07PM Aug 20, 2018

As Eastern Leg Pro Farmer Crop Tour routes came to a close on Monday, Mark Bernard, a Pro Farmer consultant, says the Ohio crop looks outstanding.

“Like we've commented on the way down here and as we've been out sampling this morning in these bean fields in particular, it looks like one big green carpet,” he says. “The corn isn't too bad either. I mean, as we talked earlier, you could kind of see that it got in [in] good shape and it's gotten timely rains when it needed it and it's got moisture right now to finish out and be you know, [a] pretty outstanding Ohio crop the way it looks to me.”

Bernard says it does not appear that the corn or soybean crops in Ohio are under any kind of significant disease or pest pressure.

“We can find some [pests] out here but it certainly isn't anything significant,” Bernard explains. “We can find soybean aphids, we can find Japanese beetles, there's frogeye in some of these fields in the beans. Corn has some gray leaf spot in it. Maybe some anthracnose, and stalk rot peeking in here and there that guys might want to be just cognizant of before they start waiting for the corn dry down in the field and thinking we can maybe just dump it right in the bin and forget about it.”

But overall, Bernard says this is one of the best crops he’s seen over the years.

“I mean, compared to some of the years that we've been down here and watch it burn up or just have issues from the get go,” he says. “This looks like an outstanding Ohio crop for a change.”

Ohio Crop Conditions - Mark Bernard