Papua New Guinea Reports First Outbreak of African Swine Fever

11:43AM Mar 30, 2020
Papua New Guinea
( Google Maps )

Papua New Guinea reported its first outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) on Monday. Government officials confirmed that more than 300 pigs have died in the country’s highlands from this deadly virus that affects pigs only, reports ABC News Australia.

ASF continues to devastate the global protein industry and spread throughout the world. Half of the world is in some stage of the battle with ASF.

“As ASF gets closer and closer to us, we get a little more complacent,” said Carthage system veterinarian Clayton Johnson, DVM. “Every new country infected means it is closer to us. And that’s scary.”

According to ABC News, pigs are not only a source of food in PNG, they are also a crucial part of the culture. Mass pig deaths could lead to social upheaval, the article said.

New reports of ASF in the Philippines continue. The Phillippine Star reports that the country has now reported 3,967 cases of ASF and culled 251,450 pigs since the outbreak started in August 2019. The latest province on the list is Ifugao, reporting 15 cases and culling 372 backyard pigs.

Meanwhile, China reported a new case of ASF in piglets illegally transported to the Inner Mongolia region on Monday. The outbreak was detected in a herd of 200 pigs on a farm in Ordos city, Reuters reports. The virus has killed 92 of the animals on that farm.

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