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04:06PM Nov 12, 2011
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New state-of-the-art formulation is one of the big benefits of using Parallel Plus herbicide, manufactured by MANA Crop Protection.

The newly registered formulation is a combination of metolachlor and atrazine for use on corn and grain sorghum. A proprietary formulation technology optimizes suspension integrity during winter storage and in advance of spring application. Research by the manufacturer indicates there’s no need for monthly recirculation during extended storage periods.

"Customers have been asking for this handling characteristic," says Dave Downing, herbicide product manager for MANA Crop Protection.

Crop Tech Parallel Herbicide University
Two products that have a history of proven performance team up to tackle hard-to-control weeds.

Extending the value of Parallel Plus is the inclusion of benoxacor, a crop safener that enhances a plant’s ability to metabolize metolachlor, thereby reducing the potential for crop injury during high soil moisture conditions and cool temperatures. Parallel Plus has label approval for application on Concept-treated grain sorghum because of the added safener.

Parallel Plus is aimed at pre-emergent and early post-emergent control of grasses, pigweeds, waterhemp and other small-seeded broadleaves.

"With two modes of action, Parallel Plus offers a solid foundation for a two-pass program on Roundup Ready, Clearfield and LibertyLink corn as well as conventional seed varieties," Downing says.

"It also has seamless compatibility with water and nitrogen fertilizer solutions, which extends the product’s functionality and flexibility in use," he adds.

MANA Crop Protection is the exclusive marketer of Parallel Plus, which is available for 2011 fall delivery in several packaging options: 2.5-gal. containers, 270-gal. totes and bulk quantities.