Participate in the Pro Farmer Virtual Crop Tour

03:00PM Aug 17, 2012
( ) crop scouts... it's time. It's time to get into the fields and use the same sampling method as we do to calculate corn yields on the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour. The Tour will begin on Monday, Aug. 20, and sampling ends Thursday, Aug. 23. But you can start sampling now by filling in the selected boxes on our Virtual Crop Tour portal.

How to participate:

  • Enter your state and county.
  • Enter the number of ears that will make grain in two thirty-foot rows.
  • Use the fifth, eighth and eleventh ear from one sample row and measure the length of grain in inches on those ears.
  • Count the number of kernel rows around each of the three ears.
  • Enter the row width in the field.


After you collect that data head to the Virtual Crop Tour portal to enter your data (remember to select your state and county). Hit "submit" to calculate your Virtual Crop Tour results and compare it to Tour data and others on the Virtual Crop Tour.