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Pete's Pick of the Week: John Deere Quartet Sales Total $212,500

11:35AM Feb 10, 2014

Four John Deere tractors sold for very strong prices on a farm retirement auction Saturday (Feb. 8, 2014) in the southeast Nebraska city of Crete.

Machinery Pete has the scoop, artfully described in the image and accompanying text below:

PetePickofWeek2 10 14 pic

John Deere 8520 2004, MFD, 2640 Hrs., Power Shift, Radial 520-85R46 w/ Duals, Front TIres 480-70R34, Rear Weights, 10 Front Weights, Quad Hydraulic, Quick Coupler, S# PO26892: Sold $148,000 (fourth-highest sale price)

John Deere 4840 1979, 9096 Hrs, Power Shift, Rear Radial Tires 520-85R38 w/ Duals, Triple Hyd., Quick Coupler, 12 Front Weights S# POO6095R: Sold $28,500 (seventh highest price in 10 years)

John Deere 2520 1969, Diesel, 5375 Hrs., Syncrorange, Side Console, Dual Hyd., Wide Front, 15-5-35 Tires, Starter Weights Plus 5 Rear Weights, New overhaul, S# T713RO17259R: Sold $22,000 (fourth highest price 18 year for non-"High Crop" 2520

John Deere 530 1959, 2671 Hrs., 3 Pt., Narrow Front, 12-4-36 Tires, S# 5307734: Sold $14,000 (fourth highest sale price 18 years for non-"High Crop")


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