Pinpoint Scouting Needs with Granular, Add John Deere Connectivity

03:00PM Oct 02, 2019
Pinpoint scouting needs.
( Darrell Smith )

Experts at Granular Insights, a subsidiary of Corteva Agriscience, say farmers can expect to save time with their newest tool. The Granular Insights Directed Scouting tool helps farmers wade through massive amounts of data to help keep crop health top-of-mind.

“It’s a tool that measures crop health index based on satellite imagery,” says Kyle Kauffman Granular account executive. “It will direct them toward the fields that have the highest priority scouting needs.”

This will come in handy for farmers who have a larger number of acres and receive the three to five satellite images from Granular each week. Instead of pouring through 100-or-so images to find the fields with the greatest risk factor, the tool’s algorithms do the hard work for you.

“The whole concept behind the tool is time savings and efficiencies for farmers by directing them where to go,” Kauffman says. “Available today, this software tool allows farmers to quickly identify and fix potential problems before yield impact.”

Directed Scouting is a feature in Granular Insights software, which is available on phone, tablet and desktop.

Fall connectivity campaign

Pioneer and Granular are partnering to provide seed customers with up to three JDLink Connect or JDLink Connect +4G Modular Telematics Gateway upgrade for new connections (people without subscriptions to JDLink). This voucher is in return for providing wireless data transfer software connection from JD Ops Center to a Granular or Corteva digital tool.

“It’s a nice way for farmers to be able to transfer data more seamlessly and better leverage that data to fully maximize yield and profit potential with Granular’s farm management software,” Kauffman says.